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how 'bout some art to wear!

How 'bout this schizophrenic weather?!? It's's sunny. It's's beautiful. It's Winter -- and -- I see tulips...and yes, it's Spring, and I see snow! WHAT is with our weather this year? WHATEVER -- you gotta admit it's been interesting!

But it has also kept a lot of people inside -- because you never know what to wear ... sweater? coat? boots? flip-flops and maybe a tank top? But NOW at least the calendar says it's Spring, though it doesn't exactly feel like it yet. Even so, Cabin Fever has set in, so more of you are venturing out of hibernation. YAY!

So....I'm guessing you're ready for something NEW to shake off the Winter of 2018! I know I am! And you can be sure that I'm busy getting the shop all ducked out, and ready to welcome you back with the latest in awesome colors, fun fabrics, and full-of-funk styles. ADO is chock-a-block with all the cool things you've come to expect from your favorite little boutique. When you come to the shop, if you don't see me, I'm probably buried in boxes! Boxes of so much Spring & Summer (yes, summer IS coming!) fun-ness that I ordered way back last Fall (which was our last TRUE Season, before this Winter's "Silly Season" hit!)

I'm so excited I just had to tell you about some of the treasures arriving almost daily in those boxes. First, the JEWELS...

I have discovered three awesome, new Jewelry Collections -- one, a wildly-colorful assortment of hand-painted resin earrings. Big ones as well as delicate studs...double-sided necklaces and bracelets on leather.

They are all from Virginia Nin from Puerto Rico, where she, her family and friends experienced first-hand the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria last fall. So, to me, her creations epitomize the infamous Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

The second group came to ADO from Thailand, which as a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, I'm especially proud to carry. Wait 'til you see this group -- also of resin, it's a captivating assortment of multi-sized balls formed into bracelets, earrings and adjustable necklaces. The ultimate in whimsy, from a company called Zsiska. You're gonna' love it, and it's way better than any "Happy Pill" to make you feel good all over!

I've also brought in a very limited edition of fiber-art necklaces. When you see them, you'll wonder, too, how someone can create such beauty with mere needle and thread (this coming from one who can barely sew on a button!) Each one-of-a-kind piece is more beautiful than the next...and you'll be mesmerized by the twists and curls, accented with beads and gems, some featuring elaborate soutache.

The colors are deep and rich, and these art-to-wear pieces will not only perk up an outfit -- they'll MAKE an outfit, all on their own. These gems are made with love by Barb Kubala, and I have more surprises in store from Barb when it turns cool again (okay, it is STILL cool, and so is her Collection of incredible hand-crafted jackets). Wait'll you see!


And those mystery boxes? They've brought more than just Jewelry --there's CLOTHING, too! New pretties -- vintage sundresses from April Cornell, and items to add to your Steel Pony Collection. You'll drool over the great summer go-to's from your faves, like Neon Buddha, Color Me Cotton, Vintage and Gretty Zueger. I love my new mineral-dyed jeans in three lush colors, including this year's Number One--Blush. Oh, and the legging rack is full to the brim -- you'll be wow'ed by the selection, with plenty of fun prints (and solids, too). BUT come in now before they're all gone.

I've been working hard to get All Ducked Out "ready for prime time" and for YOU. Trying to incorporate all the new goodies into the shop -- oh, and how I've been CLEANING and wishing I'd win a prize for the Biggest Dustball in Duck! Okay, back to work, but looking forward to seeing all of you in here really soon...and in the meantime, cherish each moment.

-- Becky

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