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Steel Pony

Stand-alone pieces that when joined together form infinite combinations...

Steel Pony is a line of clothing that are 100% made in America -- and each piece is dyed by hand and individually crafted of eco-friendly materials.


California-grown cotton

Massachusetts-sourced dyes

Fabrics knit in North Carolina & Upstate New York

Finishing touches sewn in Philadelphia.

Founders Joanne Litz and Dennis Wolk are the husband-and-wife couple behind Steel Pony. Joanne is the main Designer behind the clothing collection, while Dennis, executes specialty dying processes and handbag design. After years of seeing first-hand how fashion products deteriorated the environment, the duo teamed up to launch Steel Pony in 1992, using only eco-friendly processes, fabrics, and dyes. In spring 2015, they opened their first store in the heart of the Fabric District in Philadelphia and bring this fabulous line to you, right here at All Ducked Out.

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